Would this be the fix ASUS had alluded to? Also to answer a previous question about not using XFree86 calls for memory mapping, you have to understand that under most OS’s probably Solaris as well , XFree86’s functions will only work for root privileged processes. Emits a command to fire the portion of AGP space as vertices. I think it’s bad design. How to allocate AGP memory? Log in Don’t have an account?

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Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)

From the accelerator’s perspective, the two memory systems are logically equivalent; any data structure may be allocated in either memory, with performance optimization as the only criterion for selection. If we limited ourselves to using XFree86’s functionality, we would not be able to do this. Log in Don’t have an account? Visit the following links: Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Xgp Pelicjan Started Monday at Otherwise, a client that grabs the heavy lock doesn’t know what state has been invalidated or textures swapped out by other clients.

How AGP Works

Week Month Year All Time. When you are designing low level system routines I think it is very important to make sure your design has the minimum of policy. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. But those Quake 3 performance numbers killed any chance the board had of attaining Editor’s Choice status.


Use ioremap to do that. Would this be the fix ASUS had alluded to? Grabs the hardware lock. Last edited Sat 13 Apr In the case of the P3V4X, it may have enhanced compatibility or stability under certain conditions, but gagt certainly caused problems with the 4.

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Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. For more advanced trainees it can be a ag reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

That’s something we need to do anyway, but it’s not a requirement for this mechanism to work. Sign In Sign Up. How does the DMA transfer mechanism works?

ASUS P3V4X / VIA AGP GART Performance Explored

It enforces a policy on whoever uses it, and is avp flexible. All this allocation should be done by only one process. There are two primary AGP usage models for 3D rendering that have to do with how data are partitioned and accessed, and the resultant interface data flow characteristics.

While some of the concepts are similar, these are completely gatr mechanisms which operate independently, under control of the operating system. After many long discussions with VIA and ASUS, who of course blamed each other for the problem, we still had no resolution over 2 months after the release of the board. This could be solved by keeping per-context state in the kernel and implementing a proper texture manager. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. This patch is needed for this chipset because qgp works only in 8X when you plug a 8X card.


If you need memory in the GART you should be asking the X server for it or whatever your controlling process is. You probably want to make sure that there is a write-combining MTRR over the aperture. By nizaryos Started Thursday at From what I understand, AGP is a contiguous block of memory that is reserved but not utilized write away. In we are celebrating 20 years of GameDev. They hope these examples will help gary to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

The premise is to replace the calls to the ‘fire-vertex-buffer’ ioctl with code to write to a client-private mapping shared by the kernel like the current SAREA, but for each client.