I just upgraded to OSX 8. The driver still seems a bit buggy. I have uninstalled the driver. Stay tuned for updates… Update: Am I missing something, or do the drivers need to be updated?

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I got the UV Plus from Amazon within 3 days.

I am not paid to review products. I may make one more updated entry if anything changes i. Us Mac users really love the ability to attached a huge second monitor to our Macbook Pros.

UV Plus and Mac OSX 8.0 Mountain Lion?

Every now and then it will do strange things like lag severely but overall it works pretty well. Onsite is almost always out of the question, but that is another rant. Installing the driver requires a reboot, but after I found that the device does indeed work.

Another monitor would cause me to strain my neck: Hopefully the DisplayLink people will fix the driver issue soon. The EVGA site says that the latest driver is compatible with 8. No race-conditions occur, even when unplugging the EVGA monitor.


EVGA UV + Mac Third Monitor Testing – Midwire

Am I missing ecga, or do the drivers need to be updated? Unfortunately I cannot tolerate these kinds of issues during a typical workday.

But the Display manager worked and allowed my Macbook to arrange what pous considered a new monitor, and I could drag things to it and away from it. It is invaluable for software development, especially when pairing remotely, but a third monitor would be even better.

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UV Plus and Mac OSX Mountain Lion? – EVGA Forums

Great, this link worked; thanks! The actual CPU usage is very low but nevertheless performance has started to suffer. My Macbook then began acting increasingly strange. I have the same problem.

Essentials Only Full Version. The video had a slight, noticeable lag when moving the mouse or dragging a window. On completion, it kac that the drivers for display link would be moved to an incompatible files folder. After looking at several different options I came up with two likely solutions.

Will give it one more shot before I send it all back. Evba the monitors section of system preferences, all three monitors I have two external show up, but nothing displays on either one.


Finally, I uninstalled the driver using ppus uninstall icon that came with it and everything went back to performing normally. User Control Panel Log out. I planned to try out the device at the office where my large third monitor lives. Otherwise I have changed my conclusion. I ,ac upgraded to OSX 8. I then downloaded the driver from EVGA that is supposed to work with Being happy that it worked, I unplugged the device and plugged my second monitor back into the mini-dvi interface.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Opened up the package and found the following: For the money spent I cannot complain. I upgraded the Mt.