In some of the previous comments was said that you should place files in Still, the API documentation should be studied, too. Member Nov 1: Would it be possible to take the code you have in main and put that into a different method? Getting started Learn the basics of serial communication and programming. What OS you are using? JCL is part of the RxTx distribution.

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It is not for Linux or anyother operating system. It is a good idea to have some serial hardware, like cabling, a null modem, a breakout box, a real modem, PABX and others available when trying out a sample application.

java – ties not working for 64 bit windows – Stack Overflow

Particularly Windows users are typically not aware that they have copies of the same VM installed in several locations typically three to four. The purpose of this registration is unclear. Ok, I have added the code you suggested, and have added permissions to my java. Win32Driver The following is a hack which allows to deploy JavaComm via Web Start ignoring that brain-dead properties file. This is to be sure the test environment is set up correctly and you have understood the commands and responses from the device.


Particularly, at coomm end of Sun silently withdrew JavaComm support for Windows. Still, the API documentation should be ccom, too.

But I get an error: I personally use Netbeans IDE from http: The information referring to the also ancient Java 1. Therefore, it is worth studying the example code to understand the mechanisms of the API. Is there a linux version of the Java communications API? I will try to look for an answer to your error code, however, I am currently tied up with loads of work. It should especially be noted that some versions of JavaComm come with two installation instructions.

The above program is compiling well and good in my system. The best thing to do is for you to look into the RxTx for java.

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I will try to relocate the file on my machine and reupload it again soon. Ok, I have done that – the code has been placed into init.

Using the wrong one will result in a non-working installation. Reading could also be handled in a separate thread.

How communicate with serial port in Java ?

Email Required, but never shown. But it doesn’t appear to be getting in there or anywhere for that matter. Is it posible to find it for linux. Jesper I have tried to find the 64 bit dll but it is not getting. When answering a question please: After writing to the OutputStream, the InputStream buffer will contain a repeat of the command that was sent to it with line feedif the modem is set to echoing the command line, and another line feed the answer to the “AT” command.


Subscribe in a reader. Post as a guest Name. Under this location Sun currently provides JavaComm 3.

How to install The Java Communications API in a Windows Environment « Circuit Negma

Setting up a serial Event Handler import javax. Wow that was odd. Trying to open COM4… Apr win32drivee, Read the question carefully. Can any time slice help…. If so, how do I make this run first?