Tukkajumala, just small add-on to my post. Thank you for this great project! Novice 1 3 Hello Marietto, You should receive automatic e-mail from our e-shop system after order is shipped. Shop Support Blog Contact. Hey, do you know whether this would work with an Eee PC display?

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Theoretically, it should also work with bit panels. Hi, Does the board support touch screen? You don’t need to change anything in kernel — just set correct LCD parameters in kernel environment variables umon: Hello Teddy, It will work with bit panel for sure. So one thing have to do is find the last number used in these list of scripts and rename your driver script by prepending the next number to the last in the list.

Here is one example of writing kernel modules, and here is one tutorial for interfacing 16×02 lcd.

LVDS LCD add-on board

GY2-L01 The screen displays dummy datas. Please have a look at archive. Thank you for this great project!


Novice 1 3 Your email address will not be published. Would I require anything else to get it going? But I don’t have Pandaboard, so can’t test it for real. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. It can be several reasons for this behavior, like wrong pins connections to LCD or wrong display settings in u-boot environment. Anyway that’s the problem that I need to fix. Just bought mate connectors following LCD datasheet, and used twisted pairs cable.

BeagleBoard-XM with NEC LCD display | Chalkboard Electronics

It is just a matter of mounting on the top of the board and flipping the connectors? We ship once per week because most orders comes with standard posts, and we have to go by our own to post office for shipping out.

It will work with bit panel for sure. This picture explains everything:. Could you please share? I wonder if this works with Pandaboard?

Can it work with the display that I use? So you can just add your scipt here to make it as a module. Where Bagleboard can get it?



I need to make run this system: Thanks for your advice, if you can…. Is there any way I could pay extra for parts and labor and get a custom cable lccd Your email address will not be published. Depending on what is on the screen, certain colors do not show up and others have a ‘rainbow’ effect; as though oil had been poured over them.

Will it work with the C2 board? Or would it be better to switch to a different screen?

As to FPC — it is actually just the general name for flat cable, but it can be different type of interface. Now I bfagleboard to achieve the same functionality by writing a kernel module. You need additional board for touchscreen.