1450 1470N 1.72 DRIVER

The computer uses this guide and tells the printer how to print. Each element contains 3 header bytes at the beginning. Symbol set control command 43 5. Some settings cannot be restored to the factory default environment with the RESET operation from the printer’s control panel. Modified print environment 14 3. Optional offset count bytes will continue until the value becomes less than

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Brother HL-1440/1450/1470N 1.72 driver download

Swedish 3S ISO Block length b: The process of sending either a font, a macro or a graphic image from your computer to the printer. Rather than sending the same sequence of commands every time you print a new page, it is more efficient to define a macro to draw the image and store the macro in the printer’s memory. Plotting Rectangles Drawing rectangles is a basic case of printing graphics: Checksum – This should be set to a value which, when added to the contents of the 64 bytes of this font descriptor data produces a total of 0.

Display functions mode You can choose to make the printer print escape sequences instead of executing them.

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Fonts can either be resident in the printer’s ROM, installed on cartridge or downloaded from your computer. The printer driver uses electro photographic laser print technology and produces the best output. The vertical distance that the print position moves down the page when a line feed is performed. Font ID 50 5.


Refer to the following sections. 170n is printed from the top margin downwards. Printable area The printable area is a rectangular area of the physical page on which the printer can print. The pattern may simply be solid black or it may itself consist of white and non-white areas, for example the pattern may consist of vertical spaced lines.

The default lengths for other paper sizes are: To do this you need first to design your characters on paper.

Hence the cursor coordinates will change. The number held in the remaining fifteen bits of the byte pair is the number of bytes of unrepeated raster data that follow.

A typeface for which you can choose a point size height in order to obtain a particular font for printing.

For all scalable fonts, the actual size height or pitch is indicated instead of the underscores. First Code UI – indicates the first code of definition data following this header.

Use a positive number to move the logical page downwards on the physical page, and a negative number to move it upwards.


Drivers for Brother HL printer

RAM fonts are downloaded from a personal computer. Bound fonts 36 5. Font cache 8. Font types 35 5.

Reset When you reset the printer you restore a base set of conditions. Text direction 33 5. All subsequent escape sequences and control codes are executed normally and not printed literally. Each element contains 3 header bytes at the beginning. Line termination You can set the carriage return, line feed and form feed control codes to perform compound functions.

In this format the data is transmitted in groups of bytes. Entity error codes When an 1470h value exists in the command 172 fields, or when the entity is not supported or does not exist, or the request is inadequate, the printer replies with one of four likely errors as follows: This flag indicates which symbol collections are necessary to make the required symbol set.

The number is stored as a hexadecimal value in the lower three bytes, bytes 44, 45 and Cartridges can store fonts.