Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Longue, Date: Comparaison, disponibles en ligne, De taille moyenne, Date: The IdeaPad range strikes a balance between the two, with the U offering a combination of mobility, usability and corporate features. In speed, these CPUs rank above netbook processors by a mere grade or two, which isn’t a whole lot. In the end, the Lenovo IdeaPad U offers a fairly standard feature set with average performance, but it’s all built into a nicely integrated, slick-feeling package that makes it a real joy to use as an adjunct to an office desktop. We do however wish Lenovo paid more attention to the keyboard which looked slightly out of place in terms of design.

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Unfortunately, our tech geek lust started to wane a little after we got under the hood with this machine in our benchmarks.

Lenovo Us review Source: The IdeaPad range strikes a balance between the two, with the U offering a combination of mobility, usability and corporate features.

We examine the U Lenovo IdeaPad U 6600i And frankly, we wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. Graphics are probably the standout feature thanks to the integrated or dedicated graphics thank can be switched without need of a reboot to adjust power consumption as needed. In the end, the IdeaPad U is an innovative notebook with some very attractive design elements and a solid feature set. Moreover, some preloaded of software such as Lenovo’s VeriFace are actually nice and useful.

Like a netbook, this 2.

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The Lenovo IdeaPad U is a nice consumer notebook with a solid look and feel, but had a few areas that could be improved. Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Kaxdata The low voltage CPU works well with Windows 7 to provide enough power for daily usage, and pfo you add the ATI graphics, mxadata machine can excel at multimedia and gaming as well. The U’s reasonably roomy GB hard drive spins at a pokey RPM, but the notebookit had a respectable battery life of 4 hours, 38 minutes on a single charge.


While the MacBook is sturdier thanks to its aluminum case, the IdeaPad U is well built with similar performance and a solid keyboard similar to the ThinkPad series.

Just don’t expect to watch a lot of movies on it.

People comparing this side-by-side against other skinny laptops will note that it doesn’t have a high-res display, backlit keyboard or memory card slot — things Lenovo left out of last year’s U, too. It may not be the best ultraportable, but it’s a highly usable machine and sure to suit small to medium business use.

Maxdata Pro 600i Drivers

The IdeaPad Us ultrabook comes with a distinctive new look, is very portable and has a good build quality. Somewhere between the fire-engine red, laser-etched lid and the rugged rubbery base coating, the U establishe itself as a bonafide MacBook Air rival.

But hopefully, these issues should be resolved by Lenovo as production of the U progresses. It’s very portable, though its battery life is disappointing compared to competing notebooks.

The screen is clear and bright but should have a higher resolution for improved usability. The keyboard has excellent tactile feedback and the touchpad is easy to track on.


It will be worth it to check out the competition before making your decision though. The switchable graphics that didn’t require 600 reboot to switch modes is great, as most notebooks that incorporate it need to fully reboot. Lenovo has attempted to straddle the gap between an ultra-portable and desktop-replacement laptop with the IdeaPad Up.

In return, though, the power savings can mean a great deal for battery life. At the price-point, the Up is competitive with similar systems i. We’re still waiting for the perfect Ultrabook, but the Us is a very good choice for those pining for a Windows-powered Air alternative.

Unfortunately, the results aren’t that successful. Weighing less than 3 pounds, and stylish to boot, the U is an eye-catching little thing.

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This could be the right laptop for you. I think they accomplished this goal with the U Last but not least it lacks a media card reader. We have to give props to Lenovo for doing a really good job with the design and aesthetics of the notebook. It looks plain and unispiring, performance is disappointing despite being thicker and heavier than other Ultrabooks, and the keyboard and trackpad are still awkward to use.