Ionic strength plays an important role in the oligomerization; a short-lived monomeric SC3 species could be observed in pure water. Please contact us to complete your request. Size-exclusion chromatography SEC was used to investigate the oligomerization of soluble-state SC3 in detail. Thus, the monomer—oligomer transition of SC3 seems to play an important role in determining the surface activity. Thank you for submitting your InstraView Request!

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The elution of Dc3 was monitored at nm. The specific labeling of SC3 with amine reactive fluorescence dyes was performed as described previously Wang et al. Please note that any additional items included with this equipment such as accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, etc.

Journal List Protein Sci v. Mercury Drive Champaign, IL This may indicate that the shape of dimeric SC3 in buffer may not be spherical, but rather elongated. Hi, I wonder if anyone has had problems finding a substitute for the SC3-OEM touchscreen controller from Dynapro which has now been obsolete for quite a while. The current study focuses on its self-association in water because this is the starting point for the other two association processes.

I’ve been told the SC4 controller is just about going obsolete.

Oligomerization of hydrophobin SC3 in solution: From soluble state to self-assembly

The final spectra were obtained by averaging six scans, using a bandwidth of 1 nm, a stepwidth of 1 nm, and a 5-sec averaging per point.


The concentration-dependent dissociation was quantitatively determined by FRET using a sample containing donor- and acceptor-labeled SC3, which have been completely mixed in the oligomers for sample preparation, see Materials and Methods. Structural and functional role of the disulfide bridges in the hydrophobin SC3.

Sapphire laser, followed by a pulse picker and a harmonics generator dynapto subpicosecond pulses.

Top The smooth line that was superimposed on the raw fluorescence data corresponds to a three-component exponential fit with lifetimes of 0.

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Time-resolved fluorescence of soluble-state dansyl-SC3. Buying used equipment doesn’t always have to be a shot in the dark.

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Article and publication are at http: This monomeric SC3, however, was not stable in water. For each determination, the maximal ellipticity determined at nm was converted ydnapro protein concentration according to this mean residue molar ellipticity de Vocht et al. Experimental evidence for multiple assembled states of SC3 from Schizophyllum commune.

The same tetramer was proposed to dyanpro the building block of the assembled form on a surface, based on the study of two-dimensional crystalline film by using atomic force microscopy Torkkeli et al.

Furthermore, the formation of a structured oligomer might make hydrophobins thermodynamically stable and protease resistant in solution. Based on the assumption that SC3 molecules associate in solution but dissociate in TFA, two different ways to dynpro the samples for FRET measurements were used, as described previously Wang et al.


[patch] Dynapro / SC3 touch screen driver

Except for a small portion of large aggregates at the beginning and a broad shoulder between 10 and 18 min, three peaks, indicated as P 1P 2and P 3appeared, with retention times of De Kruif2, 3 and George T. Skip to main content. The present study shows that SC3 mainly forms structured dimers in solution. In total, 23, scans were acquired and averaged. Is your SC4 driver openly available?

The pH of the sample and the column effluent was about 6. The oligomeric state of SC3 in the P 2 fractions was further characterized by fluorescence anisotropy using dansyl-labeled SC3 dansyl-SC3. Please review our privacy policy. Obviously, such a disorder—order transition benefits proteins in different ways.

Specific labeling of hydrophobin SC3 The specific labeling of SC3 with amine reactive fluorescence dyes was performed as described previously Wang et al.